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Alida Saxon- Illustration & Design
Illustration & Design
Chris Avery Art
An eclectic mixture of craft and photography - Handmade boats, Photomontages & Abstract Images
Henny Penny Designs!
beautiful bags, delightful doorstops, quirky peg bags, handy phone pouches and fabulous bunting.
print, illustration & design.
Maria Ward - Freelance Artist
Beautiful paintings of the Isle of Wight.
Sophie Addision - Book Design
G r a p h i c D e s i g n + B o o k C r e a t i o n + P h o t o E d i t i n g.
Wheatie Bags
Wheatie Bags are simply wonderful and so very versatile with so many uses. They help with the relief of arthritic, back and muscular pain, sport injuries, bruises, minor burns, insect bites, headaches and migraines to name but a few..