Isle of Wight Dinosaurs

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Hunting for Dinosaurs on the Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight Dinosaurs by Jason Swain. The Isle of Wight really is a great place to go Hunting for Dinosaurs and fossils, the Island is one of the most important places in the world for the discovery of dinosaur remains, depending on who you ask somewhere between 15-20 types have been identified here (from the early Cretaceous Period, in particular between 132 and 110 million years ago), helping it get the nickname "Dinosaur Island" and be labelled as the UK's Dinosaur Capital (apparently they liked the weather and the food) and amongst some of the remains discovered here were those of Britain's largest dinosaur, the "Sauropod", which measured 26 metres in length.

Hunting for Dinosaurs on the Isle of Wight

Check out the Wikipedia dinosaurs of the Isle of Wight page for all the science and facts!

The Island has its own interactive dinosaur museum on Sandown seafront, and as well as visiting the museum, you can explore the wild and windswept dinosaur coast for yourself. The whole south west coastline of the Isle of Wight from Freshwater Bay all the way down to Blackgang, passing through Compton Bay, Brook, Brighstone, Atherfield and Chale, is full of dinosaur and fossil hunting possibilities, and there are several guided tours available led by Dinosaur experts to help get you started and show you the best way to find these spots.

Dinosaur footprints on the Isle of Wight

One Recent discovery has led to the naming of a new type of dinosaur named after the girl who found it. in March 2013, along with the discovery of an almost complete Dinosaur Skeleton, an Isle of Wight girl Daisy Morris had a new species of flying dinosaur named in her honour after she discovered the first ever fossil of it's type!

But maybe if you're like me, you'll just enjoy taking photographs of the landscapes and places where they used to live, or perhaps you'll just want to see the dinosaur footprints (left behind by herds of Iguanadon) which can be found at hanover point between Compton Bay and Brook bay.

Sit back and enjoy a slideshow of Isle of Wight landscape photographs

Here you can browse a selection of Isle of Wight photographs, many of them showing the south west coast of the Island where much of the best dinosaur hunting takes place. Click on any image to be taken to the landscape gallery where you can download files for commercial use (RF and RM license options available) or purchase prints in a range of sizes and finishes at great prices. And if you need any help finding the Isle of Wight photos you want, Please feel free to contact me via email to you can also Find me on Google+

Wight Landscapes, landscape photography of the isle of wight on England's south coast - Images by jason swain